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Aliya Marketing & Fundraising Group is a diversified consulting business that specializes in helping both businesses and not-for-profits grow. With decades in business and charitable fundraising, Joshua Karlin is an expert in online marketing & communications, systems, technology, and raising Major Gifts and Legacy Gifts, His track record includes a 23% compound annual growth rate in business as well as regularly exceeding fundraising goals and setting development achievement records for three separate charities.
What We Are All About:
How To Create An Unending Stream of Qualified Leads for Your Product or Service
Your Website is a brick wall. It stops visitors cold in their tracks. Sure, you need it for credibility, like a business card. But if your website is no more effective than your business card or a billboard, you need to learn how to use  laser targeted ads and a funnel to create an unending stream of leads and clients for your business.
The Only 3 Ways to Grow an Enterprise
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How to Use Technology to Raise More Major Gifts & Legacy Gifts For Your Charity 
Nothing can replace the development of a professional and personal relationship by a development professional. But there are tools that can accelerate the process of deepening that relationship and bringing your donors closer to your charity. We have a proven system to do just that. So effective, we even provide a Guaranteed return on your investment in new and newly discovered gifts.
Joshua C. Karlin
Founder & CEO
The Aliya Marketing & Fundraising Group Story
Partnered with his brother in business before he graduated college, Joshua grew that business sustaining a 23% compound annual growth rate for 10 years. He moved on to help other small businesses grow and then became a professional fundraiser. For the next two-and-a-half decades Karlin studied development and dedicated himself to helping charities raise more. He also became expert in online marketing, first SEO and then creating streams of qualified prospects for businesses and charities using funnels to connect people and escort them up and along the value path of growth and  profitability at the core of every enterprise. Karlin's passionate about working with others to help grow their businesses and to raise more for their charities. You can find a case study in which he outlines how he grew a $2.5 million/yr program to $13 million in one year and $39 million in year 2 at     
What People Are Saying:
 My flower business was struggling, and needed some help. Joshua helped take my business online, and the results have been great. We have seen continuous growth over the last five years.
- Hallie Krechevsky, Owner
Hallie's Garden
Joshua is a true professional. I've worked with him on a number of projects and have always been impressed with how sharp he is and his fundraising skills. He's the real deal. 
- Michael Abidor
Michael Abidor Consulting
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